Pharmacy Technician Resume Samples. How They Should Look Like?

One of the problems that medical persons or professionals are facing is about the process of creating medical CV template. It is necessary that it look like professionally crafted and with necessary information. To do this, here are tips on how you can able to create template such as a pharmacy technician CV. Pharmacy technician CV template will guide you in creating CV if you need to apply for such position. Since pharmacy technician is responsible in working alongside of pharmacist that provide customers with prescribed medications that she or he receive from doctors. It is their duty to give patients prescribed medications.

On average, it takes about 52 days to fill a job opening. In other words, this won’t be a fast process. – Source

Tips for Pharmacy Technician CV Template

  • An ideal CV for pharmacy technician doesn’t only state what you have done but it also shows what you can do and who you are.
  • It is important that you highlight about your potential and skills; however, do not create it in a way that looks like a recital.
  • In creating your CV, it is important to use bullet points as well as strong words such as facilitated, initiated, implemented and performed.
  • Use keywords and language that are related to the pharmacy technician field.

In addition, to know how to make the best CV, here is sample pharmacy technician resume that guides you on what necessary information you need to include. It is better when you know what you should do, what details you need to include and what you should not. If you have ideas on right things you need to consider, you will never make any mistakes.

Sample Pharmacy Technician Resume

 Full Name

(Street, City, State, Zip) (Phone) (Email Address)

 Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy technician with a wide variety of experience in packaging and preparing medications for patients and managing records

Key Skills:

  • Mathematical skills in performing calculations
  • Magnificent interpersonal skills in sorting out issues and communicating with patients and customers
  • Knowledge on latest medications and medical equipment
  • Ability to understand pharmacy policies
  • Ability in managing supplies
  • Good computer knowledge.

Professional Experience

123 Medical Centers, New York
Pharmacy Technician, 2002-Present

  • Assist in organizing and managing pharmacy workload
  • Ensuring prescriptions are complete and accurate
  • Maintain accounts and documented prescriptions of medicines.


  • Pharmacy Technician Certification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceuticals.

There you have it the essential tips and a good sample you can rely with whenever you need to make a pharmacy technician resume!

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