Dental Assistant Resume Templates. Tips on Editing

In creating medical CV template, it must need to be done carefully. If you want to get that position you want whether it is dental assistant, you need to know the proper formatting. If you already have a CV of your own and what you need is to edit it, here are great tips you can follow to ensure it is edited perfectly.

Dental Assistant Resume Template: Tips on Editing

  • In the process of editing dental assistant resume template, make sure that you do not have spelling words or any grammatical mistakes. It is important that you invest time in checking if you use the right words or if there are spelling mistakes because it will ruin your application.
  • In editing, you also need to update all the information that you have included in your CV before. It is essential that you include the recent information such as achievements, work and others.
  • Format is also one of the things you should not forget. Even though there is no accurate formatting that you should follow, you need to present a CV that is clear and easy to understand. If before, you have used paragraphs, it is better when you use bullet points so that keywords and important phrases will be emphasized.

Only 35% of applicants are actually qualified for the jobs they apply to. – Source

The time you know what things you need to consider, it is helpful on your part to check out some dental assistant resume examples because it will guide you in what you need to do. It helps you on thinking what other details you might want to include and what you should omit in your CV.

Good Dental Assistant Resume Examples

 Full Name

Complete address

Email address, Contact number


Dental Assistant that allows my knowledge of procedures about radiography, dental treatment room and other materials for dental


  • Certified Dental Associate from New York Dental Assistant University
  • Imaging New York licensed Radiologist.


  • More than three years experience as Dental Assistant
  • Superb understanding of protocols
  • In-depth understanding in preparing instruments
  • Keeping material and patient safety records
  • Skilled in handling x-rays and dental trays.

Other Skills

  • Knowledgeable in control techniques
  • Great understanding on dental terminology
  • Strong ethics on patient’s confidentiality.

Professional Experience

Examinetics Inc.-New York



Bachelor’s Degree in Dental




There you have the things you need to know and consider so that you can able to create an effective dental assistant resume.

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