5 Tricks about 2016 Resume Format You Never Knew

If you think you know everything about 2016 resume format, think again. There are some tricks about CVs for the coming year that you might not have heard about.  In this case, we have prepared you with five tricks that you might want to employ in your CV for a stronger output. Check them out.

2016 resume format

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Resume Formats 2016: The Tricks

  1. Import your CV from LinkedIn. This applies especially if you have a complete and concise LinkedIn resume, one of the most important tips to remember among industry professionals who want to make a difference in their applications by highlighting their experience as published on their LinkedIn CV.
  2. Do you have a blog? Then, include that in your CV, based on some best resume examples 2016. If you want to ensure that your application will stand out, then do not forget including a link to your blog, which can display your portfolio, work experience and previous and present projects as well as your writing skills.
  3. Use bullets in your CV. In case you don’t know yet, one of the trendiest resume formats 2016 to implement is to make use of bullets, which can improve readability of your CV. How is that? Bullet lists can break down sections, which will help employers find what they are looking for at a glance.
  4. Choose the right keywords, an important tip as highlighted in the best resume examples 2016. Using the right keywords for your resume writing 2016 will help send a message that you are indeed an experienced applicant who knows about the industry.
  5. Include your Facebook profile URL on your CV so that employers will have the chance to look into your social background, too.

Most jobs are a secret. OK, they’re not a secret, per se, but 80% of jobs never get posted and are only found through networking.

resume formats 2016

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Best Resume Examples 2016

There you have the best CV tips you can consider when writing your CV for the coming year. You can also always hire pro cheap resume writing services to help you out! On top of these, you should also ensure that you still keep a professional format that will highlight your abilities, knowledge and skills.

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