5 Stylish Ideas for Resume Writing 2016

If you’re applying for a new job in the coming year, then you may be one of those looking for 2016 resume styles that can assist you in landing the perfect job with the effectiveness of the CV you are using. In today’s post, you will find effective tips in coming up with ideas on how to construct your application paper in the year to come.

resume writing 2016

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Resume Writing 2016: The Latest Styles

  1. Flat scape CV is one with not only a modern and trendy design, this latest resume format 2016 also has a flat and clean design that shows off your organization skills. It has just the right design elements that do not distract an employer’s attention off your CV.
  2. Landscape CV is a professional template to us for any position, no matter for a newbie or a veteran. It comes with just the right design elements that keep it professional looking and job specific. It is an attractive design that you can use to stand out in your application.
  3. Minimal CV is another CV design for resume writing 2016 that will help you land a job because it does not contain any unnecessary sections that just ruins your application. It is simple yet it is impactful literally. Use it for good organization and clarity in your CV.
  4. Retro CV may be for you if you are looking for a unique and standout CV that will be very different from others.
  5. 3D CVs are samples for resume layout 2016 that is perfect for those in the graphic designs field.

In 2000, 22% of resumes were submitted via email or posted on the web. In 2014, over 90% of CVs are now posted online or sent via email. – Source

resume layout 2016

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More Ideas for Resume Writing 2016 Tips

Today, you don’t have to stress in writing your CV because there are many options, such as template download from useful sources. On these places, you will find these resume styles that might suit your preference. However, you have to consider the industry you are targeting. For instance, you might want to choose the minimal CV that contains only the simplest and most straightforward details about you if you are in the medical or law field. But if you are in the creative industries, you may want to make use of 2016 resume styles, such as the 3D resumes.

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