3 Best Samples of Latest Resume Format 2016

Whether you are using the latest resume format 2016 or traditional ones, whether you are writing a ballet dancer or safety resume, there are still basics that remain. For one, all CVs must be tailored based on the job application, wherein the application must meet the requirements posted by the employer in the advertisement. Also, all resumes must be proofread and edited correctly to avoid any unnecessary typos and English mistakes. To know more, check out the following for information on traditional formats and the 3 best samples of the latest CV formats.

latest resume format 2016

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Best Resume Examples 2016

Standard resumes:

  • Pros: They are still good to use for specific job industries because they contain important sections, including work experience and educational background.
  • Cons: They contain objective, which is said to be already obsolete in today’s job applications. They may be generic if the applicant does not know how to work on the sections and customize or organize them based on his experience and skills.
best resume examples 2016

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Only 7% of job applicants get an employee referral, yet referrals account for 40% of all hires! So, basically, having someone put in a good word will give you a serious leg up on the competition. – Source

Best Samples of Latest Resume Format 2016

  1. Professional CV

  • Pros: These are best resume examples 2016 because they are personalized based on industry, including writing and editing, engineering and accounting and so on.
  • Cons: Some job seekers may not be able to utilize them well if they don’t know how to use keywords per job industry.
  1. Custom CV

  • Pros: They are tailored or created per specific job requirements, most likely based on the job posting made by the hiring manager or the employer. They are perfect to those who want to stand out the crowd in their applications.
  • Cons: Some applicants may fail at using specific job posting keywords, specific terms which are mentioned in the advertisement. Therefore, reading and understanding key points mentioned should be present in the 2016 resume.
  1. Social media CV

  • Pros: This is one of the best places to find free examples of resumes 2016 because this is where professionals and employers network, meet and communicate in some cases. There are also many displays of CVs based on job industries.
  • Cons: Some applicants may not be able to layout and design their CV if they have lack of knowledge in coming up with an effective and optimized social media resume.

These are the three best samples for latest resume format 2016 that you can use for yourself. Choose well based on your abilities, knowledge and skills as well as your work experience, among other factors.

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